Take control of your corporate communications

Wrestling with email, shared calendars, and make-do tools?
Capture comms requests, plan, and collaboratively manage
activity across all channels. It's air traffic control for comms.
Still wrestling with email, shared calendars, and make-do tools?
Capture comms requests, plan, and collaboratively manage
activity across all channels.
It's air traffic control for comms.

Intuitive, enterprise-ready
communications management software.

Capture requests

Colleagues request comms support via a frictionless, secure interface structured to elicit well-considered comms.

Specialism routing

Comms can be automatically allocated to members of the team based on audience, channel, grade, location, tags and more.

Governance workflow

Communications can be acknowledged, evaluated, edited, submitted, approved and scheduled through the team.

Organise communications

View comms via the calendar and gantt-style timelines, or sort by team owners, priority, channels, programmes and more.

Control saturation

Not everyone needs to know every piece of info, all the time. Check volume of messaging across target audiences.


To ensure compliance, confidential request details can only be viewed by authorised comms team members.

Team collaboration

Filter and view all comms plans for both internal and external comms teams worldwide.

Measurement dashboard

Track and demonstrate team and channel load/effectiveness, and prove comms team business value.

Advanced customisation

CommsDirector's open architecture is ready for bespoke requirements. Get in touch to discuss a more tailored setup.

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Before CommsDirector

Multiple unapproved message sources distributing comms across ungoverned or unknown channels. Recipients can be over-saturated, missed entirely or receiving poor unapproved comms.

With CommsDirector

Known source of comms.  Messages are filtered, reallocated and targeted appropriately with a planned and considered audience receiving the right messages across the right channels.

In a nutshell

CommsDirector enables comms teams to collaboratively process, plan, manage, and measure activity and communications across any number of channels. It enables communications teams to pull up an overview of all scheduled communications by target audience, channel, programme and more at any time. Wider members of an organisation can request comms support via a guided, constructive comms request process to meet the criteria of a valid request, comprising of elements such as subject, purpose, strategic priorities and organisation goals. Requests can be automatically routed and allocated to specific members of the comms team, based on their area of specialism controlled by a flexible team-management matrix. Team workflow allows collaboration across comms planning, with governance capabilities enabling comms to follow a frictionless approval process where required. When planning and creating comms, powerful filters help target audience, channel, programme of activity and more. This means the team can easily evaluate specific groups by message saturation and other criteria. To ensure compliance, details of confidential requests can only be seen by authorised communications team members.

Start saving your comms team hundreds of hours a year
"Extremely impressed with the comms requests workflow - it's our gatekeeper separating relevant comms requests from 'less valid' enquiries put to the team."
Communications Manager
"Being able to measure the volume of messaging that specific groups are exposed to (at any one time) has been an eye-opener, and influenced our scheduling radically."
Communications Director
"Seeing everything scheduled in one system (and I mean everything!) made us realise how much the team were cranking through."
Communications Manager

Using CommsDirector

Using CommsDirector

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