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We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Common questions

Yes – from visual/branding options, to completely bespoke functionality tailored to your organisation’s way of working.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

No – CommsDirector is a tool for comms teams to collaboratively capture, plan, manage activity across all channels.

Wider members of an organisation can request comms support via a guided, constructive comms request process to meet the criteria of a valid request. 

In a nutshell it’s air traffic control for comms.

Colleagues outside of the comms team can request comms support via a guided, constructive comms request process to meet the criteria of a valid request.

This part of CommsDirector can be accessed via a custom, secure URL (web address). For example colleagues requiring comms support can be directed to “www.[company-name]”, where they will then log-in and complete their request.

Requests can be automatically routed and allocated to specific members of the comms team, based on their area of specialism.

You can view data on criteria held within CommsDirector.

Examples include volume of comms by status (workload), target audience, channel, line of service,  location, date range.

And just so you know, comms can also be sorted by these categories (and more) in the planner, giving you a powerful overview of all comms.

All CommsDirector plans include initial onboarding workshops to get the team up to speed, quarterly training refreshers, and a dedicated point of contact.

Ongoing support is also included at all levels but variable for the chosen plan. 

No – we know you have that covered. CommsDirector holds information and notes, but does not replace your current file-storage/sharing solution. It’s designed to play well with others however, and if required can be modified to dovetail with your CMS (based on specific CMS interoperability).

Yes – CommsDirector can be configured to use Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials for frictionless access.

Using CommsDirector

Using CommsDirector

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